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About Us

Based in Leicestershire, UK

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The T-Shirt Factory have been providing companies throughout Europe with merchandise for over a decade, with a diverse range of decoration techniques and capacity available to us.

For any merchandise you need; the answer is always yes.

We print apparel and accessories for the biggest names in the music industry, fashion retailers/e-tailers and licensing brands.

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The New Factory!

We're Still Working On It

Our Sustainable Mission

Carbon Net Zero

The T-shirt Factory has heavily invested in a new smart factory, refining our processes with a focus on sustainability on a journey to becoming carbon net zero.


Manufacturing & Services

Specialising in providing the best design-to-delivery merchandising services, alongside garment manufacturing, screen printing, sublimation printing, direct to garment printing and embroidery; the team at The T-Shirt Factory has got you covered.

Processes We Offer

DTG Printing

Direct to Garment printing,
printing on demand
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Direct to garment printing, allows us to print on demand. Picking blank garments from our warehouse, we print to order ensuring there is no wasted stock. Using water based inks, this is a great for printing for small order quantities quickly and efficiently whilst remaining eco friendly.

Screen Printing

The process of laying down templates to apply ink
Screen Print.png
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A large portion of our decorated garments come from screen printing, being able to produce massive quantities of a single design in short amounts of time. Producing consistent results every time, this cost effective method is widely used by some of our biggest clients.


Knitting yarns into garments
using varying styles
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Approaching the colder months TheT-Shirt Factory is well equipped to deal with the high demand of knitwear. Offering a range of knit patterns provides clients with a varied mix of styles with competitive options for quality and cost.


Needle and thread decoration techniques
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Using embroidery techniques we can apply decoration to tougher fabrics which wouldn't usually be suitable for other decoration techniques, such as caps, jogging bottoms, rucksacks and denim.


Transfer of designs onto garments, ideal for all over prints
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With access to sublimation printing, The T-Shirt Factory is able to produce all over prints onto garments, giving our clients and customers more options.

Garment Dying

Using dye to alter the colour of an existing garment
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Dyeing a garment can drastically change its look, it allows us to create colours we wouldn't usually have access to. Whilst also being able to give some garments a vintage touch. Tie Dye and Acid washes also available.

Services We Provide

Artwork Design

Experienced Graphic Designers producing artwork for garments
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Our in house team of Graphic Designers produce artwork daily, for our clients and upcoming events. Each artwork is specifically made for the garment, to ensure top quality results.

Garment Design

Custom designing of garments
and apparel
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CMT Icon.png
Decoration techniques are not the only way we provide garments for our clients. Going as far as creating entirely new garments, using CMT and other methods.

Fulfillment & Packing

Experienced Graphic Designers producing artwork for garments
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We provide a complete fulfillment service to clients, a customer places and order, we print and ship it to happy customers.

Contact Us

The T-Shirt Factory | Hayre Building

Ulverscroft Road | Leicester | LE4 6BY

United Kingdom          

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